• Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction

  • Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Risk Reducing Strategies For You

  • How Dense Are You? Part 2 for Providers

  • How "Dense" Are You? Part II: Selecting a Dense Breast Screening Regimen

  • How Dense Are Your Patients?

  • Mastectomy study confirms 'Jolie effect' on breast cancer prevention

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Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction

Every woman has some risk of developing breast cancer. However, the risk is not equal among all women. The goal should be to understand an individual woman’s risks and what she can do to reduce them.

Feb 19th, 2019
Phone and Email Consultations

Dr. Holmes offers limited and Phone and E-mail consultation for patients residing outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area who are looking to determine if they might be a candidate for one of the innovative treatments offered by Dr. Holmes.

Jun 30th, 2017
How Dense Are You?

Breast density varies considerably among women, and can also change over the lifespan as a woman ages.

Feb 15th, 2017
Early Signs of Breast Cancer

When must people think of early signs and symptoms of breast cancer, breast lumps and nipple discharge often come to mind.

Jan 1st, 2017
Avoiding Cancer Misdiagnosis

I recently learned of an unfortunate situation in which a woman was given a diagnosis of cancer by two different hospitals...

Dec 2nd, 2016
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